Commercial Drying Rooms - What our Clients Are Saying

17 Jul 2022

See information about two of our drying room clients. One, a nationwide distributor of small goods, the other runs a flower drying facility - ever evolving with R&D

Humiscope work with TFT Dry Air Solutions to custom build dehumidifiers specific to each clients' indoor environmental requirements.  Humiscope also design and build climate controlled rooms - from the ground up or we convert existing spaces.


Humiscope client's commercial flower drying room after dehumidifier installation<

Our client, Top of the Range Flowers have been operating since 1996. They experiment with different Australian native and wildflower crops, farming methods, and processing systems.

A new ‘experiment’ was the introduction of a TFT 2500 Dry Air Dehumidifier, to use in their large commercial drying room. 

"The dehumidifier is working very well with the weight of the product dropping – which was the goal. The space was loaded with 50 kg of product yesterday and this morning it weighs only 36.5 kg.

Lodi Pameijer, Owner, Top of the Range Flowers



Schulte's meat doubled production after the installation of a TFT Dehumidifier

Another client, multi award winning Schulte’s Meat, makes sausage, beef jerky and other small goods on premise for Australia wide distribution.

They have been so happy with the success of their dehumidifier; they are looking at purchasing a second - as demand for their product and their business has grown.

"We are very happy with the outcome.  Essentially, we created our own climate and production increased by over 50%’Peter Schulte, Managing Director, Schulte’s


Humiscope install TFT Dehumidifier for small goods drying room

Before the dehumidifier it would take Schulte's twice as long to dry sausage and jerky over the more humid summer months. However, Schulte was able to double production with the implementation of a TFT 420 Dry Air Dehumidifier.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers work very well with refrigeration systems. The room stays cool and dry and with dehumidification technology, precise indoor climate control can be achieved and maintained.


Humiscope is TFT Dry Air Solutions' Australian supplier of choice. TFT is a branch of TECNOFRIGO Tuscany that specialises in Industrial Dehumidification. TECNOFRIGO has been in operation for over 40 years

The brilliance of working with a highly technical, well-established global company is the ability to custom design and build dehumidifiers specifically tailored to our clients’ requirements.


Humiscope engineers, draftsmen and technicians

Humiscope Design, Build and Install or Deliver a Drying Room Ready to Operate

We use state-of-the-art HVAC+R systems and build rooms from insulated, weatherproof Australian made panel.

We also convert existing rooms into a Fully Sealed and Ducted Dry Room

We have fully qualified engineers and draftsmen and use custom designed dehumidifiers.