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Copper Fungicide Flo-Bord

Supplier: Agrichem

Copper Fungicide Flo-bordo Is An Effective Copper-based Protective Fungicide For Protection From Fungal And Bacterial Diseases

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Copper Fungicide Flo-Bord

Copper Fungicide Flo-Bordo is an effective copper-based protective fungicide for protection from fungal and bacterial diseases


  • Copper 50g/l

Benefits of Flo-Bordo

  • Microfine particles ensure even coverage and fast, effective plant protection
  • Enhanced adhesion properties provide extended periods of disease control
  • Free flowing formulation makes it easy to decant into spray equipment and mixing tanks
  • High concentration reduces quantity of product needed and saves on packaging and freight costs

Flo-Bordo is a unique liquid copper-based fungicide formulated on the original Bordeaux mix, which has been used successfully around the world for the last century.

Flo-Bordo is milled so that it has a maximum particle size of 5 microns before being formulated into an easy to apply liquid suspension. This provides the grower with age old Bordeaux mixture without the inherent clogging and caking problems.

This product has an average particle size of 2.5 microns. This means Flo-Bordo has a much larger surface area than the traditional formulation of Bordeaux thus providing superior plant coverage.

Mode of Action

Flo-Bordo is a prophylactic fungicide which gives protection against fungal and bacterial diseases, through a fine coating of copper on the plant.

Because this product has a very fine particle size, enabling superior coverage, it has the extra holding capacity of Bordeaux coppers compared with other copper fungicide formulations. These unique qualities combine to provide an excellent protective fungicide.

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