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Seaweed Extract Kelpak

Supplier: Agrichem

Natural seaweed extract for accelerating root development and improving plant health

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Seaweed Extract Kelpak

Natural seaweed extract for accelerating root development and improving plant health


  • Seaweed Concentrate 100%

Benefits of Kelpak

  • An auxin-based product that promotes larger and more vigorous root systems, and thus growth
  • As soil calcium can only be taken up by new root tips, Kelpak-driven new root growth facilitates uptake of calcium
  • Natural plant hormones help crops recover from stress situations
  • Encourages strong cell development
  • Slows senescence in many crops
  • Improved general plant health enhances plant resistance to nematodes and other pest and fungal diseases
  • Completely plant available
  • Can be applied with a wide range of other agricultural chemicals, reducing the number of spray applications needed

What is in kelpak?

Kelpak is the liquid extract of the fastest growing seaweed in the world - Ecklonia maxima.Kelpak is the only extract produced in the “Cold Cell Burst Method”. This method ruptures the cell walls releasing sap and vital plant hormones without any denaturing. Other extraction methods can reduce the activity of certain plant hormones

Why is kelpak the world’s leading seaweed extract?

In comparison to other seaweed products, Kelpak contains the highest levels of growth hormones auxins and cytokinins (11.0 mg/L of auxin and 0.031 mg/L of cytokinin). The high levels are preserved by the cold cell burst production process which is unique to Kelpak

The role of auxins

The auxins present in Kelpak are responsible for cell elongation and enlargement thus substantially increasing the growth of the plant.

Auxins are directly linked to the development of adventitious roots in many crops and in horticulture including plants and cuttings

The role of cytokinins

The cytokinins present in Kelpak play several vital roles in plant physiology. These mostly relate to cell division and enlargement which is important for fruit quality.

Maintaining RNA and protein levels is an important function as it can stop senescence and increases photosynthesis, thus increasing plant growth and development. Cytokinins increase shoot growth in plants

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