Counterfeit power points could turn out to be dangerous killers

09 October, 2006

Standards Australia has warned licensed electricians and electrical wholesalers to be constantly vigilant when importing electrical goods.

The warning follows reports that counterfeit HPM power points have been installed across NSW at the end of last year and the begining of the year.

The power points sold between September 2005 and February 2006 are at risk of melting and exposing live electrical wires.

The white double socket power points have been falsely branded HPM XL777WE and can be identified by removing the cover plate and checking the 'clock' date stamp.

If the arrow on the stamp is pointing to 05, the power point could be counterfeit and should be inspected by a licensed electrician.

Colin Blair, from Standards Australia, said that while most licensed electricians use genuine electrical accessores that comply with Australian Standards, homeowners should request electricians purchase only from authorised distributors.

"Electrical products from these dealers should meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards," Blair said.