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Crate/Tote latch system

Supplier: Rotacaster Wheel
06 April, 2018

To transfer a wide range of crates or totes easily, quickly and safely.

Aside from the traditionally crated items such as milk, bread, beverages and vegetables, a globally growing trend to delivering in crates/ totes drove Rotacaster’s decision to develop an entirely new latching system enabling the secure and safe transport of crate/tote stacks by Rotatruck or other hand-trucks.

Rotacaster paid special attention to the easy and safe engagement of the crates/totes. The securing and disengagement is managed by Rotacaster’s patented latching system. It can be adapted to a wide range of crate/tote sizes and configurations thanks to clever on-the-go height adjustability.

Already used for milk-crate and bread-crate systems, the Rotacaster latching system is being evaluated for a wide range of crate/tote delivery systems, including complex and high frequency supply chain solutions needing to deliver a wide range of destination specific mixed pre-packed goods.

The solution requires no power and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable and improved productivity.