Dandenong Feature Pole

Supplier: Ingal EPS
07 January, 2013

INGAL EPS utilised its extensive engineering expertise to design and supply a one of a kind decorative feature pole.

If you have been down to Central Dandenong Station recently, you will have noticed a change in the skyline; in particular the 28 metre mirror pole at North Plaza.

Nilsen (Vic) Pty Ltd, a family-owned Australian electrical business and a regular customer of INGAL EPS for over the past 25 years, recently worked with INGAL EPS in tailoring a feature pole for the social and economic centre of South East Melbourne that is Dandenong.

Inspired by a similar pole at the YAS Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, the feature pole is fitted with five Siteco R3 Maxi luminaires that are directed towards a canopy of 91 Siteco Mirrortec reflectors.

The supply and lighting design of the Siteco luminaries and Mirrortec reflector system was carried out by Sylvania Lighting Australasia. It was the complexity of the project that required INGAL EPS to utilise its extensive engineering expertise to design and supply the product. Valued at $78,000, the pole was manufactured at INGAL EPS's manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Queensland and is believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia.

As part of a global network of trained specialists, INGAL EPS has access to numerous engineering and manufacturing facilities worldwide. The design of lighting structures is an important component in any streetscape or public area, and not only serves a practical use, but can aid in setting the tone or mood that the designer is trying to convey.

INGAL EPS has a wide range of designs to choose from and can also collaborate with the designer to develop a new or varied appearance. For more information on INGAL EPS's design services and decorative poles, visit www.ingaleps.com.au or call 1800 623 302.