Supplier: Gutermann
20 January, 2017

The EASYSCAN app is a user-friendly and intuitive interface to manage the entire leak detection process.

It is connected to all radio operated sensors via the EASYSCAN link and therefore no obstructive cables are needed. The step-by-step guide leads trough the entire leak detection process, hence no prior training or special expertise is needed. The app combines GPS and street mapping data together, providing a comprehensive overview of location and distances of all possible water leaks. The measurements recorded can be saved and later viewed and listened again. For advanced listening while working with the ground microphone, optional earphones can be connected to your smart-phone.

Our newest software uses automatic filters and frequencies to set the best parameters in order to obtain the most accurate results. You do not have to set and try different filters any more. The software continuously adjust and optimises all measurements automatically.

The EASYSCAN app can be downloaded in Google Play Store for free. The app works on all android tablets and smart-phones. Updates for firmware and the app will be provided for free.

Right from when you start the EASYSCAN App, you will be guided through the measurement and review process step by step. In the main menu you will be able to choose between

  • Running a correlation between your two EASYSCAN sensors
  • Using your EASYSCAN as either electronic listening stick or ground microphone
  • Pull up recent measurements - both Listenings and Correlations
  • Change the settings in the App
  • Open the help menu

During the correlation and listening processes you will be assisted by pop-up windows helping you with pictorials.