EcoLift's from JLG

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)
19 August, 2019

JLG EcoLift Series is a major step change in low-level access. It's so easy, fast and efficient. Just step in and turn the handle. And you don't need power; no batteries or mains power consumption.

The new EcoLifts from JLG raise the bar for environmentally friendly access equipment. Unlike anything else on the market, they feature a patented stored-power lift/ lower system which means no batteries and therefore require no on-site power. 

Plus, the absence of any hydraulic system translates into no hoses, no leak points and no refills which, in turn, results in lower environmental impact.

With no noisy pumps, drive motors, alarms or flashing lights the EcoLifts are also very quiet. The units are light weight and easily manoeuvred through standard doorways and along corridors by one person.

The EcoLifts provide a safe and sturdy platform allowing workers the use of both hands to complete their tasks and the built in storage trays provides space for the operator's tools and equipment to be readily at hand.

All these attributes make them the ideal for use for maintenance of Hospitals, Hospices, Aged Care Facilities, Schools and high rise Apartment and Office buildings.

Quiet, simple and safe to use, EcoLifts are the way of the future. They improve efficiency, deliver low total cost of operation and set the standard for eco-friendly access equipment.