Emerald Carrying Company scales with Conquest for Safety, Efficiency and Presentation

Emerald Carrying Company taking delivery of their Conquest floor sweepers
Emerald Carrying Company taking delivery of their Conquest floor sweepers

Emerald Carrying Company have been Conquest sweeper advocates since 2012. As their business scales, so too does their floor cleaning requirements. Conquest is been behind them all the way.

Emerald Carrying Company has proudly served Queensland for more than 50 years with the transfer of general freight, bulk liquids and fuel between Emerald, Brisbane and the Bowen Basin mining district.

Over the last decade, business growth has amplified, prompting expansion of their facilities. Along with the larger floor space, the surge in traffic and activity at their site increased the volume of industrial dust and debris. Managing Director Greg Haylock decided it was time to upgrade the floor cleaning equipment to cope with the scaling demands.

Trusting in the reliability and durability of Conquest sweepers after more than 10 years of use, Conquest were again the obvious choice when it came time to upgrade their floor cleaners.

Solution identification starts with a site assessment

Conquest Solution Specialist Jared Muller met with Greg at his facility to conduct a thorough assessment of their business requirements.

During the assessment, the following considerations were identified:

  • Capacity sufficient for a large facility
  • Performance suited to heavy duty industrial application
  • An even clean across non-uniform surfaces
  • Airborne dust minimised
  • Manoeuvrability to navigate fixtures
  • Diesel operation to work with existing infrastructure

Jared deemed the Conquest pB160D to be the answer.


Why the PB160D industrial floor scrubber?

The PB160D industrial floor sweeper combines scale with heavy duty performance for the ultimate clean of large spaces. 

Combining a 1600mm sweeping width with a large 300L waste hopper, the PB160D efficiently cleans large floor spaces up to 20,000sqm. Self-levelling brushes seamlessly transition across non-uniform floor surfaces without the requirement of manual adjustment.

Airborne dust is minimised by the clever direct-throw sweeping system, which channels directly into the vacuum to be suctioned into the waste hopper.

Despite it's scale, the PB160D is highly manoeuvrable with a tight turning circle, to effortlessly navigate fixtures within the facility. The final tick-in-the-box is the 3-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine, aligning with Emerald Carrying Company's existing fuel infrastructure.


The Results

The introduction of the PB160D floor sweeper resulted in greater efficiency, safety and presentation at Emerald Carrying Company's facilities.

A healthier work environment

Industrial dust is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to respiratory health risk. The application of the PB160D significantly reduces airborne dust, therefore minimising respiratory risk.

Improved Presentation

Less dust in the air also means less unsightly dust re-settling on stock, floors and fixtures within the facility. The heavy-duty performance of the PB160D also ensures floor spaces in the yard and loading areas are free from broken pallet chips and nails (and the resulting tyre punctures!)

Greater Efficiency

Now that Emerald Carrying Company have a floor sweeper that is matched to the scale of their facility, operators cover more space, faster.


Request a Complimentory Site Assessment

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Story published with thanks to Greg Haylock and the team at Emerald Carrying Company.

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