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Emergency procedure guide - LT Silver Brazing Flux

Supplier: Ausweld
15 November, 2011

Toxic liquid, corrosive, inorganic, N.O.S. / L.T. Silver Brazing Flux

UN No.: 3289
EPG No.: 6J6

Emergency Procedures

For All Emergencies

  • Shut off engine and any electrical equipment
  • No smoking or naked lights within 50 meters.
  • Move people from the area; keep upwind. Check for spills or leaks.
  • Consider initial evacuation distance of 100 meters in all directions.
  • Send messenger to notify fire brigade and police. Tell them location, material, quantity, UN number and emergency contact as well as condition of vehicle and damage observed.
  • Warn other traffic.

Health Hazards

Hazard Summary

  • Corrosive - toxic.
  • Avoid eye or skin contact and fume/vapour inhalation during use.
  • Welding fume has been classifed as possibly carcinogenic to humans (IARC Group 2B).
  • Chronic exposure to fluoride dust/fumes may results in fluorosis (fluorine poisoning), stiff joints, brittle bones, weakness & anaemia.
  • Chronic over exposure to borates may cause skin rash, bronchitis and kidney damage.

For the full emergency procedure guide, please click here.