Explore Futuristic Aesthetics Reflective Acrylic Mirror Domes by Allplastics

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
06 July, 2020

Every display of creativity depends on how we shape our imagination. Allplastics Engineering strives to help the designer to turn imagined aesthetics into reality.

On Market Street in Sydney CBD, Hermès' window displays overwhelm pedestrians with its space-age aesthetics. Its designer, Chen Lu, utilised Acrylic Mirror Domes to test the limit of space. Hermès is a French high fashion luxury brand which specialises in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, jewellery and so forth.

Lu depicts “polished mirrored-surface spheres in varied sized, appeared to be free of gravity and floating within the windows' white space”.

Acrylic Mirror Domes' smooth mirrored-surface sphere stretches the flat world into three-dimensional space. The bright reflective surface produces a mirror-like image, which allows it to be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment to improve the quality and style of the design in a futuristic way. Using Acrylic Mirror Domes in architectural design, home decoration and visual merchandising can exude fantasy, charm, modernism, humour and the future.

Chen Lu, as a distinguished designer for objects, furniture and spaces, produces works for premium brands, art galleries and magazines. “These installations of repeated shiny spheres project a utopian vision of science, mathematics, and space travel”, Lu explains. Lu is very satisfied with the final result with the compliment “thank you to Allplastics for translating my vision to reality in this challenging project”.

Using Acrylic, Allplastics Engineering can custom fabricate geometric and bespoke shapes according to the site requirements. As a high-quality acrylic mirror, EuroMir® is second to none in terms of reflection quality and has excellent shatter resistance. It is suitable for a variety of applications to replace fragile and heavy glass mirrors. Various colour options such as gold, matt or gloss silver are possible.

With Acrylic Mirror Domes, designers can bring imagination to life by enlivening them with their presence. The fun and futuristic it brings has a timeless appeal and can be harmonious with contemporary décor designs. Let’s Allplastics support you for your next imaginative design and display project and fully express your creativity to your audience!