Falcon HG series: very fast, highly-responsive, competitively-priced area scan cameras

Supplier: Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd By: Gabrielle
17 March, 2010

Three new cameras - packed with features that provide numerous customer benefits, are confirming DALSA as a leader in machine vision products.

DALSA's pursuit of excellence in their camera manufacture is empitomised by the new family of monochrome cameras: the Falcon VGA300 HG; the Falcon 1M120HG and the Falcon 1.4100 HG. All are incredibly fast, highly-responsive cameras, the VGA300 HG delivering 300 fps, and all three cameras being optimized for high sensitivity. High responsivity allows more products to be inspected in a shorter time.

All use DALSA's patented CMOS sensor technology to deliver global shuttering, global reset, and concurrent integration and readout and images produced are crisp and clear, avoiding image artifacts associated with rolling shutter.

These cameras use DALSA CMOS technology for low power consumption enabling them to be compliant with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) standards. Consequently, cabling needs are simplified and camera costs are lowered because only one compact mini-CameraLink interface cable to provide power and obtain images from the camera is needed.

Where can I use the DALSA Falcon HG cameras?
By combining high frame rates, good image quality and multiple resolutions the Falcon HG cameras are well suited for applications in electronics inspection, semiconductor inspection, industrial metrology (gauging) flat panel inspection, print inspection (registration control) and other general machine vision applications.

What features and benefits are available to me when using the Falcon series?

High frame rates           

  • Captures more in less time
  • Reduced costs per unit
  • High-speed image capture

Power over Camera link

  • One cable for everything
  • Lower system cost and complexity

Factory-installed flat-field correction   

  • No need for client to perform Flat-field Correction in their system
  • Removes image artifacts resulting from dark, offset, FPN and PRNU

Global shutter and exposure

  • Integration starts and ends at the same point in time for every pixel

Large pixel pitch

  • 7.4 µm x 7.4 µm for greater responsivity

Longer camera link cable

  • 10 meter transmission at 80 MHz
  • Eases system complexity with double the cable length of other cameras

Compact camera body

  • 44mm cube fits into tight spaces
  • Weighs less than 175 grams