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Flocculent - Polyacrylamide - Flockit-Block/Liquid/Granular

Supplier: Reynolds Soil Technologies

Flockit Is polyacrylamide flocculent in the form of a solid block, granule or viscous liquid.

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Flockit – Block/Liquid/Granular

Water Clarifier And Sediment Control

Product Description

Flockit is polyacrylamide flocculent in the form of a solid block, granule or viscous liquid.

Ideal applications for Flockit are:

  • Clarification of ponds & dams.
  • Settling sediment fines in furrow irrigation to reduce erosion.
  • Clearing run off water from large open areas and quarries.
  • Clearing run off water from stockyards & docks.
  • Clarification of drainage from construction sites.
  • Recycling of water used in drilling and laser boring.
  • Settling effluent from small industrial plants.
  • Treatment of underground mine sedimentation problems.
  • Underground water clarification for dewatering.


Flockit blocks have been specially designed to slowly dissolve in water flow and remove the suspended solids from the water.

Flockit blocks are ideally suited for remote locations where electricity is not available to run dosage equipment.


  • Flockit is non-toxic to fish and aquatic life allowing treatment water to be discharged to rivers or streams.


  • Flockit blocks are secured in the water flow/stream prior to the lagoon/settling pond.
  • A 3kg Flockit block treats approximately 1,000,000 litres of 'DIRTY WATER'
  • Flockit granules and liquid give other options for applications that may better suit the project at hand


All RST products are environmentally safe and user friendly. For further detailed information on a specific product or application please contact our Head Office.

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