Floor Tuff provides anti slip solution Brisbane waterway ramp

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
27 August, 2011

The Queensland floods had a great impact on the state and one of the cities that were effected was Brisbane.

The flood destroyed many infrastructure, including a waterway ramp  leading down to cross river fair terminal at South Bank next to the Maritime Museum.

Waterways were contracted by Brisbane City Council to repair and replace the ramp to ensure that the public will be able to use the facility. 

Waterways contacted Global Safe Technologies and arranged a meeting with the company and its applicator team from QLD Antislip Solutions representatives on site.

The Council requirements were very specific, including the surface slip resistance. The ramp anti slip surface required to achieve a ramp R13 rating (high Pendulum Class V), due to the fact that the ramp incline can exceed 20 degrees during out tidal fluctuation. The Global Safe representative has explained that for in situ testing of an applied product the Wet Pendulum is the best method, which is also an approved test method by the relevant Australian slip resistance standards.

The Floor Tuff Ultimate product was suggested by Global and QLD Antislip Solutions, due to the product independently accelerated wear tested sustainable very high slip resistive quality. Product sample and other relevant information was presented to Waterways.  

The product recommendation was accepted and the QLD Antislip team has carried out the work. The deadline for the project was very tight and the team had to work hard to comply with it.

The project was completed within the specified constraints and the surface has beeen independently tested by a NATA accredited slip resistance company. The test result was BPN 74 which is at the high end of the Council specified slip resistance requirement.

Global Safe and its accredited applicators are the only ones on the market offering and independent slip resistance testing as part of of any commercial project.

Feedback from Waterways project management is excellent. They indicated their total satisfaction with the quality of the workmanship and the professionalism and decication of the application team durign the entire project. 

QLD Antislip Solutions is a Queensland based anti slip company which is also a Global Safe Authorised Dealer and Accredited applicator for the company’s entire product range. QLD Antislip Solutions can be contacted on 07 3352 3822 and ask for either Joel or Farren for further assistance.

Global Safe is offering a unique, sustainable and mainly environmentally friendly remedial and disability solution range for virtually any surfaces and situations.

The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of situations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network members. 
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