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Anti Slip - Anti Slip Sheets

Supplier: Grip Sheet Australia

Anti Slip Sheets, GRIPSHEET is a non - slip protective insert paper sheet used to reduce breakage and protect products distributed on pallets.

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Anti Slip - Anti Slip Sheets

GRIP SHEET is available in recycled kraft and in a waterproof version. It is offered in a variety of paper weights. Grip Sheet is also available in different sizes which are manufactured to order.

GRIP SHEET has been designed from the start with automation and economy in mind.
All versions are available with alternated band coating to ensure maximum performance with automatic palletisers. Protecting Your Products … And Your Profits.


GRIP SHEETR is a stabilising insert sheet that holds loads in place by increasing the coefficient of friction between the layers on a pallet.
It may be used alone, or in combination with, and to increase the efficiency of, other products such as strapping, tape, stretch or shrink film.


GRIP SHEET is water repellent and has a low permeability to gases. It helps in the protection of products from moisture. Some formats are suitable for direct contact with food products.


GRIP SHEET has a low unit price and is comfortably competitive with alternative methods of stabilisation. It may also be re-used for up to four pallet trips where practical.


GRIP SHEET is easy to use and can be put into position either manually or by an automatic palletizing system.


GRIP SHEET is effective no matter what the load may be ; Plastic Sacks, Cardboard cartons, Sheet Products ( e,g paper,glass,tinplate) It has the advantage of keeping the original packaging intact without marking or tearing it. It can save you the trouble and expense of using tape or film in storage or on site transport, especially for composite loads.

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