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FMS Range of Web Edge Guiding Systems from CGB

Supplier: CGB Precision Products

Precisely guide your web material in a closed loop setup with the FMS range of edge guiding systems. High quality Swiss made and easy to retro fit delivering great accuracy.

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FMS’s wide range of web guiding (and web tension) products offer many modular combinations to cover virtually all applications.

Closed Loop Control

  1. Edge Sensor: The web guide sensor detect the position of the web
  2. Edge Guide Controller: The web guide controller calulates the deviation form the reference position and drives the steering frame or actuator
  3. Steering Frame/Actuator: The steering frame or actuator adjusts the postion of the web keeping it constantly at the reference point.

Edge Sensors

US01B/04B Series Ultrasonic Edge Sensors are the ideal choice for the detection of transparent films.


  • Temperature compensated, microprocessor based Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Factory Set
  • 2 ms cycle time
  • 24V power supply and 0…10V output
  • Clear position indicator via LED


  • Highly linear and insensitive to planarity variations in the material
  • High speed detection for fast processing
  • Fast andIn line detection mode, the sensor can handle a solid line, an intermittent line, and also a line that is adjacent to or crossed by a pattern. The sensor can even sense holographic pattern. precise alignment of material edge

AZS01B/04B BlueFlash Optical Edge Sensor for the detection of all opaque materials


  • High resolution 0.6mm
  • Shielded optical componenets with band pass filter
  • 2ms cycle time


  • Superior web guiding performance
  • Not affected by exterior lighting
  • High speed detection
  • Fast and precise alignment of web edge.

DLS2 Line and edge sensor

This versatile sensorethe can detect a solid line, an intermittent line, and also a line that is adjacent to or crossed by a pattern. The DLS2 sensor can even sense holographic patterns.


  • Line and edge detecting modes
  • Self adjusting
  • Resolution of 0.06mm
  • Operating panel
  • LED position indicator
  • Compact and robust design


  • Easy to use and apply
  • Versatile and dependable
  • High precision and economical
  • Accurate alignment to the reference line
  • Reliable and maintenence free

BKS309 Series Digital Web Guide Controller


  • Left, right, centre or line guiding
  • Compass rose control panel
  • Wall (IP 65), panel or Din rail mount
  • 2 ms cycle time
  • Plug & play or parameter setup over Ethernet


  • Powerful, user-friendly and compact
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Precise control at machine speeds
  • Extremely versatile over a large range of applications

Steering Frames and Actuators

Webmaster Range

FMS Webmaster BKS015 Ultra Compact Web Guide

The BKS015 is the ultimate choice for narrow web applications. The control unit is integrated into the steering frame and provides superior material control for high speed processing and converting of Narrow Webs


  • Roller lengths 100-350mm
  • Sophisticated design
  • Integrated controller
  • No programming required
  • Compact and Robust


  • Cost effective web guiding
  • No additions wiring required
  • Easy to setup and user friendly
  • Reliable and maintenance free.

FMS Webmaster BKS015 EE Web Guide with External Controller

The BKS015 EE version with external controller is perfect the solution for narrow web applications where the web guide is difficult to access. It has the same features and advantages as above.

FMS Webmaster 020

The steering frames of the FMSwebMASTER 020 series have been specifically developed for use in narrow web applications such as: label printing presses, small slitters and rewinders, film conversions, small packaging lines etc.


  • Fast and precise positioning through powerful motor design   
  • Roller length from 250 to 600mm   
  • Compact and robust design 
  • Built in Controller can be placed on either side of the steering frame  


  • High precision at high machine speed
  • Multiple mounting options, left, right, vertical, horizontal, up or down.
  • Reliable and maintenance free operation

FMS Webmaster BKS 030 Web Guide

The Steering Frames of the BKS 030 series were designed to cover the middle material range with web sizes from 500 to 1700 mm. They are the perfect choice for label printing presses, slitters, re-winders, film conversion and extruding equipment, packaging lines and many other applications.


  • Backlash free operation
  • Fast and precise
  • Option for integrated or external controller
  • Roller length 600-1800mm
  • Sleek and sturdy design


  • Enable high speed processing
  • Versatile-variety of mounting options
  • Cost effective and maintenance free


Webdirector 041/042

The FMW Webdirector 041/042 has been developed for applicatoins that have long free spans. It design, with the turning poing outside of the steering frame, can correct large deviations in web position.


  • Fast and precise motioning
  • Roller length range 500-1600mm
  • Compact and robust


  • Fast web processing
  • Adaptable for a large range of web applications
  • Reliable, maintenance free operation

Winderglide Actuators


Winderglide Type D.3 Actuator 650N Thrust Force, 120 to 200mm steering offset

The Winderglide D.3 is designed to equip medium-sized unwind and rewind stands.

Winderglide Typde D.6 Actuator 2500N Thrust Force, 125-200mm steering offset

The Winderglide D.6 is designed fro guiding heavy unwind and rewind stands. Clean operating-the Winderlgide is suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Fast, powerful stepper motor actuator
  • Durable housing
  • Backlash free
  • Two sizes (per Type) for greater positioning flexibility


  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for heavy web applications
  • Adaptable and suitable for a wide range of applications

For more information call CGB (03) 9775 1125 or email sales@cgb.com.au