Food quality and adherence to HACCP regulations in gastronomy

Supplier: Testo Australia By: Praj Perera
27 August, 2018

Australians are eating out more than ever, and craving healthier options. To supply restaurants and caterers with fresh products, you need the right instruments.

Food quality assurance and adherence to HACCP regulations in gastronomy. Did you know Australians are spending $45 billion each year on eating out, according to a report put together by Future Food.

However, they're aren't interested in greasy foods, they're craving healthy options. That means the products you're serving as a restaurant or caterer need to be fresher than ever.

It's essential that you keep your stock at the perfect temperature otherwise you risk spoiling the food and losing money. In order to keep track of it all, we have compiled HACCP compliant checklist which explains the process in detail.

Download now, and benefit from this content:

  • Temperature limit values for Incoming Goods, storage facilities, preparation and food service
  • Information on guidelines, norms and standards in the food industry.
  • Practical knowledge in measurement procedures and measuring instruments
  • Practical checklists for day to day use.