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Fronius MMA Welding Machine | TP125VRD-10 Mine-Spec

Supplier: SMENCO

Fronius takes mine welding safety to new heights.

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Fronius, the world leader in Welding Technology and its Australian distributor SMENCO, have released the latest and safest version of the most compact MMA welder in the range, the TP125VRD-10 Mine-Spec.

Further refinement in recent months has resulted in several new and innovative features designed and built into this small 4.7kg Fronius MMA welding machine that’s very big on safety – especially for welding in mines and other confined spaces.

The new FroniusTP125VRD-10 now has 125 Amp output with a maximum effective supply current |1eff =10A and a welding current range of between 10-125A.

Anthony England, Managing Director SMENCO Pty Ltd, Australian importers of Fronius Equipment, said the company was again leading the field in MMA VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) welding machines which exceeded the Australian standards for safe welding in mines.

"We already have some of the toughest standards for welding safety in the world and they just got tougher.

"It has resulted in Fronius becoming the welding machine of choice for many leading Australian mine sites as it complies with the additional safety features requested by the mining industry. We have worked hard to ensure our machines lead the field in aspects like 'Fail to Safe', 10Amp maximum effective supply current, HiVis cables and braided cables," he said.

The mining industry – backed by the WTIA (Welding Technology Institute of Australia) - is demanding that welding equipment be made safer and conform to even more stringent safety regulations to minimise potential accidents and injury in the future.

Preferred welding equipment manufacturer, Fronius is taking a proactive approach with its latest Mine-Spec machine, the TP125VRD-10.

Weighing just 4.7 kg, TP125 Mine-Spec is most compact MMA welder in the Fronius range.

Mr England said that to his knowledge the Fronius TP125VRD-10 was the only VRD machine that currently meets the new mine OH&S specifications making it the safest MMA machine on the market in Australia.

The Fronius TP125VRD-10 has been designed in direct response to the mines OH&S safety demands – and then some.

Take the safety critical aspect of open circuit voltage (OCV) for example. Australian standards demand a maximum of 35V OCV at the electrode when a MMA VRD machine is not welding. The Fronius TP125-10 VRD is 12V – three times lower than the standard.

When the welding circuit resistance is greater than 200 ohms (for example when touching the human body) the OCV is limited to 12V and the VRD must be active within 0.3 seconds after welding stops.

The software that controls the machine is designed to put the machine in fault mode if the VRD is not working, hence the TP125VRD-10 Mine-Spec machine is deemed to be 'Fail to Safe'.

Unlike other VRD alternatives, there is no need to continually hold down buttons when you are welding which adds to operator fatigue.

The braided heavy-duty input power cable gives extra strength and protection. An earthed braided cable is recommended for all applications where OH & S 'Duty of Care' is essential.

Other key features include:

  • Generator compatible (Min 8KVA)
  • IP23 rated for wet areas
  • Thermostatically controlled fan
  • CE and C-tick approved
  • Anti stick electrode function
  • Meets AS6097/ AS1674.2-2007 standard
  • Arc force dynamic functions