Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Safety Treatment

Supplier: Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Safety
07 August, 2009

Grip Guard non-slip floor treatment dramatically increases slip resistance - especially when floor become wet from rain, foot traffcit from outdoors, spills, and splashes.

While most floors are relatively slip resistant when they are dry, when floor surfaces become wet, the chance of a slip and fall accident is dramatically increased.

All smooth profile flooring relies on surface absorbency to dictate how slippery the floor will be in wet conditions.  The degree of slip resistance on smooth profile floors is dictated by the extent of moisture absorbency the surface allows under pressure.  The less absorbent the surface, the more the liquid will build up under pressure and cause a foot to aquaplane across the surface.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment modifies the dimensions of the pore structures in a controlled way that improves wet floor slip resistance by modifying the porosity/absorbency of the topmost surface pore sturucture.

The special blend of chemicals finds its way into the existing pore structure and modifies the depth of the pores creating a safer non-slip finish.  Unlike etching processes which actually eat into the surface itself and roughens the texture, Grip Guard non-slip treament leaves most surfaces looking like they did before and feeling the same when dry.  And, unlike coatings, the treatment cannot be worn away by pedestrian traffic.

Grip Guard representatives are available throughout Australia including Perth, Fremantle, Melbourne, Newcastle, Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane as well as selected regional areas.  Grip Guard operators provide complimentary site assessments and quotes as well as a full range of floor safety initiatives.