Guardair OHSA Compliant High Force Blowguns

Supplier: Knight Pneumatics
07 May, 2015

Knight Pneumatics introduces the Guardair range of high force blowguns which are the most powerful safety air gun on the planet.

The Force 5 is designed for heavy-duty industrial and construction cleaning applications and features a dead-man trigger, a safe alternative to dangerous, "home-made," types.

They are also designed with a rugged, pistol-grip style aluminium handle and adjustable auxiliary handle. All models are available from 15cm to 182cm in length and available in heavy-duty aluminium or steel extensions with Venturi and Quiet Force Nozzle options available.

The Inforcer Series Safety Air Gun has a thermally insulated, in-line style, steel handle and has the option of a Steel Chisel Point Nozzle for extra strength. The HydroForce Series Power Wash Gun combines compressed air and water to generate superior cleaning power. Single trigger operation provides convenient air/water operation. Turn off water with water shutoff valve (included) for air-only drying.

Hot or cold water capable, this unit is perfect for mobile applications where portability is at a premium. Rugged, lightweight, ergonomic aluminium handle and stainless steel extension with an aluminium safety tip nozzle.

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