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Hay handling equipment from Rebel Equipment

Supplier: Rebel Equipment
27 January, 2011

Here at Rebel Equipment we offer the best and easiest way to pick up your hay without breaking your back with our Rebel Hay Handling System – Accumulators and Grabs.

Our Hay Handling Equipment is the most reliable, strongest available and our after sales service is second to none. We provide a setup service upon delivery of your order and explain how it all works and the best possible ways to keep the gear working at its best.
We are a family business which also run 2 farms and have grown lucerne and oaten hay for over 40 years and of course as thing progressed we felt there was the necessity for an easier more convenient, time/cost saving, labour free, effortless device to make life on the land easier, and to remove the likelihood of double and triple handling of small lucerne and oaten hay bales. Which we found the Accumulators and Grabs to be the exact must have items for any famer producing hay. Hey have been a god send to us and to all of our clients as it eliminates the need for extra labour as the whole process can be done by one man. 
We also realised there was a need for well built reasonably priced trailers in our local area so we have also been manufacturing them for the past 2+ years. Our trailers are also a very handy item for helping to quickly stack your hay away in the shed, providing you with that extra grunt to cart your bales, deliver them to customers or just leave them stacked in case you have run out of shed room.
We have proven with our sales over the past 8 years or so that the need was there by many farmers/hay producers jumping on the equipment and being so happy with the product/s. They have realised just how time consuming the old ways were and how effortless the process of haymaking now is. We have advertised in many local and national papers and also through field days, where the potential client can get a full grasp of exactly how fantastic the whole set up is. Physically seeing the equipment we have to offer and showing videos and dvd’s of the hay handling equipment at work has made it much easier for the man on the land to understand how it all works and to make a well informed decision before purchasing.

Word of mouth has also been a huge plus for us as many of our clients have been using their Accumulators and Grabs on their properties and neighbours have noticed how much less time it has taken them to complete their haywork, whilst they are still battling on when the weather is closing in on them. There is often only a small window of opportunity when making hay, considering the elements so the faster you can get the job done and the hay put away in the shed, the better. Also many of our clients are produce stores and they have found the Grabs to be an excellent time saving device for them, especially seeing the majority of truck drivers nowadays will not manually load or unload, so that worry is also eliminated. There are many different areas of NSW, Victoria and Queensland that word of mouth has played a big role in our sales success and for that we are truly thankful.

Of course our equipment is not only for the man on the land, as mentioned earlier there are many produce stores, hay merchants, chaff mills and business people who would benefit from owning our equipment. The uses are endless, especially where our trailers are concerned everyone needs a strong, well built trailer. In our day to day lives there is always something that needs to be carted away, delivered somewhere, transported to a sale, picked up or dropped off at saleyards anything you can think of a Rebel Equipment trailer is a very handy item to own. We build our trailers to customer specification, rather than just having a set size or sizes, and standard fittings and extras we prefer to build exactly what the client requires to best suit the job/s they have in mind.