How a waterjet cutter can make your business more profitable

We're not talking controlling expenses, increasing product margins or building a new website.

We're talking improving productivity, expanding your capabilities and gaining a competitive advantage! 

Improving productivity

We're not going to lecture you about setting deadlines or saying 'no' to meetings. What we are going to tell you about is the time you can save by cutting your product with waterjet, and the opportunities open to your business when using this technology. 

The major advantage for waterjet operators is that you can cut all your materials on one machine in a single operation. This means that you won't be having to change cutting tools or transferring the material to another machine, and because of the superior edge quality waterjet creates, you will also eliminate secondary finishing processes. 

Tony, a stainless steel flue manufacturer from Canberra (ACT), says: "What used to take one man a full day, this machine[A Silverline Water Jet Cutter] does in 45 minutes." 

Jamie, a stonemason from Orange (NSW) says: "The [Silverlinemachine has increased productivity and efficiency in our workshop by nearly 50%! I would have to say that this very versatile machine is one of our best investments to date." 

Expanding your capabilities and your potential market

If you can't cut a material with waterjet, you probably can't cut it at all. Today, operators are using water jet cutting technology to cut a whole spectrum of materials including marble and granite, porcelain, glass, mild and stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, insulation, plasterboard and even food products. 

So whether you're a contract cutter, a stonemason, or a fabricator in an engineering company, you'll be able to cut all your materials on one machine!

Check out what Daniel of Gosford Marble & Granite (NSW) says about their new water jet cutter: 

"...since we’ve put it in [A Nexus Waterjet System], the work that it’s actually brought to us... People have found out, and we are now doing other materials – not just stone. It’s opened up a lot more doors for us... It’s getting to the point that now, after a couple of weeks, we’re looking at putting on more staff so we can accommodate the extra workloads."

Gaining a competitive advantage

Trying to figure out how to save time and money in your workshop? Speed things up with a waterjet, which will allow you to:

  • Cut everything on one machine
  • Cut virtually any shape, in almost any thickness and through multi-layers
  • Cut with confidence (No warping or hardened edges)
  • Increase material yield (due to the needle thin cutting stream - you'll be able to nest parts closer)

Because waterjet is a cold cutting process, you'll also end up with a dross-free edge far superior to what your competitors can achieve. With those benefits, you'll be able to finish jobs faster and more cost effectively, and therefore improve your bottom line. 

Mark from the Gold Coast (QLD) says: 

"Waterjets are the lifeblood of our operation... thanks again for the opportunity to improve our capabilities and productivity."