How technology can make you a better supervisor

By: Grant King, IndustrySearch Writer
10 November, 2016

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Why deal with issues retrospectively when you can nip them in the bud before they happen? And why accept current production levels when a few technological tweaks could see your output skyrocket and you as a supervisor receive the credit? Technology, or more specifically, information and mobile technology are no longer luxuries you can't afford. You have to afford them to keep pace. So here are a few ways technology can supercharge you as a supervisor.

Your company on a cloud

It's no longer an option, it's a necessity. Putting all your management processes in one place on a secure online cloud is now the only way to go. Everyone in your business with secure access can then update production, projections and practices and you can see them in real time wherever you happen to be; even sitting on the couch at home.

Better workforce data

The latest workforce analytics links the factory floor and management levels with precise, real time information. No guess work, no surprises; you know exactly what's happening on the production floor all day, every day and can react instantly to any abnormalities. Just as importantly, you can do time and labour cost comparisons with projections as often as you like to make sure you're on track.

Easy mobile staffing

Why spend precious time tracking shifts when a handy bit of mobile technology can do most of it for you? With a staffing app your workers can check their own shifts on their mobile phones and request shift changes without major management involvement.

Better time tracking

None of this old fashioned punch in, punch out business; with mobile time tracking all your workers can manage shifts and track their own hours in a network you can easily access and update. The app even allows staff to check leave and extra earning opportunities which is great for morale.