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Supplier: Redthorn Australia
03 October, 2007

Nestled in the quiet Perth suburb of Welshpool, Western Australia, MELBON SHEELMETAL Pty Ltd commenced business in 1986 under the Managing Directorship of Michael Bonomelli (Mike).

Melbon Sheetmetal offers a wide range of services and is supported by a well equipped contemporary workshop which boasts a range of modern conventional machines, including :-
  • CNC Lasers,
  • CNC Turret Punches,
  • CNC Presses
and supporting CAD/CAM software.

Mike explained, "Melbon Sheetmetal includes a team of highly skilled and motivated first class tradespeople who are able to meet all the varied machining assembly & welding requirements for our customers".

He continues, "We are also able to offer several other services such as cost effective Sheetmetal Design & Draughting, NATA approved Welding and Load Treating as well as a variety of surface treatments to suit all our customers' needs and specifications.  For example, Sand/Bead blasting, Wet Spraying, Powder Coating and Galvanizing."

In 2005, the company ws expanding so quickly that Mike felt all his manual paper systems were too much to handle and decided that there must be a better way of running the company.

Having seen an article on Redthorn’s Low Cost Production Control Software in an recent issue of Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine. Mike set up a meeting with Redthorn to see the system for himself. He was suitably impressed and decided that Redthorn was the way to go and a system was installed at Melbon Sheetmetal in November 2005 and was the first to be installed in WA.

When asked how the system was progressing, Mike said, “With minimum assistance from Redthorn's Friendly Support Team, Andy Lyons and Kelli Chan-Algie,  we’ve now been running the Redthorn PCS5i System for 15 months and there is no turning back . . . it just gets better and better. We even capture data from the shop floor in real time via barcodes, and there’s no ‘timesheets’ or ‘clock cards’ to process to get our accurate job costings”.

 “Our Paymaster is so pleased that she does not have to rush to work to have wages complete on time. With Redthorn, it is a matter of a print out and it will give you all the information needed without manual calculation. Also the accounts department just loves the exporting of invoices to his accounts system MYOB. No more manual invoicing. Time at work is valuable.”

Mike added - “I believe Redthorn is the right system for Melbon Sheetmetal and will play a large part in the company’s future growth. Being able to see what’s happening to all aspects of my business in real time means that we are in control & under control.”

Mike concluded, “ Great work Redthorn.”