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How to buy the right spill kits for your site

By: Grant King - IndustrySearch writer
02 July, 2015

At the very least, spills are inconvenient. Often though, they're far worse than that. If there is no plan in place to deal with them they can cause costly delays and downtime during the cleanup.

Depending on the substance spilled, they can also cause environmental damage if not dealt with quickly. Being able to react swiftly and effectively to spills is your site's responsibility. An appropriate spill kit ready and waiting is the answer. So which kit should you choose?

List your liquids

There may be only one, but the first thing you need to do is determine the nature of any liquids with the potential to spill on your site. If your liquids are non-corrosive substances such as petrol, coolant, water or motor oil, your options will be either a Universal or Oil Spill Kit.

Which one? If your spills are only going to be on land with no threat to waterways, go for the Universal. If, however, there is a chance the spill could flow into a waterway of any kind, an Oil Spill Kit is designed to absorb oil-based spills.

The nastiest spills are corrosive chemical spills such as acids. For these choose the aptly named Chemical Spill Kit which is designed to nullify corrosive liquids and vapours.

Verify your volume

Once you know which kit to choose, you need to know how big it has to be. Deciding that is pretty easy. Simply base the size of your kit on the size of the largest potential spill. Find the largest drum of potentially offending liquid on site and that's the size of your spill kit.

Permanent or portable?

All you need to do now is work out the nature of your response. Does your kit need to be mobile for a quick response directly to the spill site? The smallest kits are ideal for vehicles and quick clean ups of small spills.

Larger kits come with containers suitable for shipping off site once the liquid has been effectively cleaned up. Make sure your kit size and portability matches your best response.

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