DPF Cleaner
DPF Cleaner

To avoid DPF problems from happening and to help clean a blocked DPF filter the best thing you can do is to understand how to use a DPF cleaner.

The easiest and most effective way to de-clog and maintain your DPF filter is to use a combustion catalyst called FTC Decarbonizer. This DPF cleaner has been used successfully in many 4WDs, trucks and bus engines where carbon and soot related problems have started destroying engines.

Why is FTC Decarbonizer so successful as a DPF Cleaner?  

Once added to the diesel tank it starts by effectively burning away build-up carbon from the combustion area, cylinders and the exhaust manifold. Creating a much cleaner fuel burn and De-coking the Turbo. After safely burning away the soot and carbon fuel economy is restored and DPF problems are eliminated.

How to use a DPF Cleaner

Step 1: Add a double dose of the FTC Decarbonizer into the diesel fuel tank when refuelling. For badly blocked DPF filters this may need to be repeated for a second tank.

Step 2: For badly blocked DPF filters continue using FTC Decarbonizer at the double dose until the problem clears.

Step 3: For vehicles regularly driving in city conditions the FTC Decarbonizer should be added to each tank when refuelling to avoid DPF Regeneration problems.

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