How to increase office chair's gas strut life

Supplier: The ChairMan By: The Chairman
15 March, 2021

In our 20+ years of experience servicing office chairs, we have seen many customers complain about the gas-strut. However, there are a few things one can do to increase the lifespan of it.

To increase the life span of the gas-strut one has to take care of the following things. 

What to check when buying a new chair?

When you plan to purchase the new office chairs 1st thing that you have to check is the weight rating of the chair. All chairs have a different weight rating. Weight rating is the maximum weight that a specific chair can bear. It depends on the build of the chair, mech and also it's a gas strut. If a person's weight is more than the chair's weight rating the chairs mech and gas is not capable enough to bear that weight. Besides, when person seats at a height point(at its max point of gas-riser), the pressure generated on the seat-base would go through the tip of the gas-strut and pressurise the gas-strut more than it's maxed capacity, it damage gas-strut and it is worn out much quicker. Not only that, but it also damages mech, so always check the weight rating of the chair before making any other decision.


What things need to do while using the chair?

Never, never lift your chair at the highest gas-riser point(gas-strut point). When you use gas-strut at its highest position for a longer period(8 hours a day), it reduces the holding capacity of the gas-strut and eventually, after few years your chair starts falling eventually when you seats on it.

The Perfect level to use the rise at is just above half of its length. By doing this you will increase gas strut's life by 1 or 2 years. Also, make sure when you are not using the chair put it at it's lowest seat base level. 


At The Chairman we always recommend a chair based on our in hour ergonomist, so when you purchase from us please do not worry about anything at all, but these small steps could increase the life of your chair's gas-strut.