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Hybrid cooling systems from Fanquip facilitates fast cooling around furnaces and foundries

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Close Air movement specialists, Fanquip has developed a new hybrid cooling system that aids the comfort of employees that work in the vicinity of the intense heat around furnaces and foundries.

Staff in jobs of this nature are often working in shifts and production can be slow as a result due to the heat factors.

The new hybrid cooling system from Fanquip delivers a continuous stream of cool air and can run at 24/7 if required.

Each cooling system works by combining the most appropriate model from the company’s range of Australian designed and made fans with industrial air-conditioning units. The fan drives cooled air at a selected rate close to the work area through a ducting system.

The air-conditioning system and fan are secured in a fixed location to add rigidity and general stability. Tailored to the appropriate length, the ducting provides the extension factor.

The hybrid cooling systems are also available in a mobile configuration, allowing the general unit to be relocated to a desired area. Once again the ducting provides the necessary extension factor.

Fanquip’s hybrid personnel cooling system is manufactured entirely from heavy duty industrial grade product to ensure a long life.

Excessive heat conditions for workers is now an increasingly undesired problem and various WorkCover authorities around Australia have become more vigilant on the workplace comfort factor in industrial jobs.

Fanquip is able to identify the exact air conditioning and fan requirements for each individual application.

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