Hybrid Power Systems

Our hybrid power packages intelligently combine solar, diesel generators & battery storage to deliver a reliable & efficient off-grid power supply. Not to mention lower maintenance, reduced emissions & significant fuel savings over a conventional power setup.   


Modular, Re-Deployable & Scalable

Hybrid Power Systems provide a scalable and reliable power source, with significant savings over conventional power systems. Experience less noise, longer generator lifespan and a lower carbon footprint.

Reliable Power, Wherever You Are

Our hybrid power packages offer a flexible, reliable & scalable solution to those working in remote locations with limited or no access to the grid. Perfectly suited to remote mines, off-grid construction sites & rural agriculture operations.

  • Perfect for off-grid construction & rural communities with frequent blackouts
  • Easy-to-operate control system
  • Portable system for fast deployment

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Our hybrid power solutions include roof or ground mounted solar panels, battery storage and an integrated backup diesel generator and inverter. Together, users experience reliable, robust power at any time of day, with less harmful emissions and lower noise pollution.   

  • Lower overall emission output & noise pollution
  • Reduce your diesel fuel costs
  • Battery storage for power overnight and weather disruptions

Save on Fuel & Maintenance Costs

No need to deal with energy provider applications, bureaucratic processes and costings. A hybrid power system saves on overall fuel consumption & costs while reducing the generator run time from 24/7 to just a few hours a day. The integration of battery storage also acts as a buffer for fluctuating power & load demands – extending generator lifespan and decreasing maintenance costs over time.  

  • Reduces diesel generator runtime
  • Decrease in generator maintenance costs
  • Eliminate power supply provider costs
  • Lowers overall diesel fuel consumption and costs
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