What Will A 15kVA Generator Power?

Here’s our quick guide on what your average 15kVA generator will run, how to understand your power requirements and some recommendations on what kind of 15kVA generator you should consider.

First, Calculate Your Wattage Requirements

It's crucial for you to understand what size generator you need to match your power requirements.

To know if a 15kVA generator is right for you, you’ll want to determine the starting and running watts of the equipment you wish to power.

In some cases, the equipment’s starting and running watts are the same. However, equipment with motors or heating elements (like pumps, drills and grinders) the starting watts can be 3-4 times higher than the running watts.

For example, an angle grinder may have a starting wattage of 4000 watts, but only a running wattage of 1800 watts.

While the surge of starting watts only lasts for a few seconds, your generator must have the power capacity to support the surge to prevent overloading.

Note: As a rule of thumb, look for a generator that provides enough power for your site while running at 70-90%.

What Will A 15kVA Generator Power?

A 15kVA generator has the capacity to provide prime or standby power for a range of civil work, construction, medical, agricultural and mining site equipment. Let’s take a closer look:

Small-Scale Construction

A 15kVA generator will provide a reliable source of regular power for small scale construction sites, commercial shops, rural roads, commercial and civil works.

Designed to withstand harsh Australian construction environments, they’ll deliver power to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently no matter the conditions.

Here’s a general guide of some common tools/machinery to consider:

Agricultural Machinery

For smaller agricultural properties, a 15kVA generator will keep most of your vital machinery running during a power outage.

A 15kVA generator will deliver consistent and reliable power for Australian crop and livestock producers, as well as properties in off-grid areas where power outages are not an option.

Here’s a quick guide:

What 15kVA Generator Should You Buy?

Denyo DCLA-15ESK

Powered by a world-renowned Kubota engine, the Denyo DCLA-15ESK delivers 15kVA of heavy-duty performance for a range of civil work, construction and mining operations.

The DCLA-15ESK comes fitted with a sound attenuated enclosure to ensure a minimal noise output of 60dBA at 50Hz. There’s also no complicated electronics, the simple analogue dials are easy to operate and create fewer faults, especially in hot and dusty conditions.

Fuel tank: 62L

Noise level: 50Hz = 60dB | 60Hz = 63dB

Price: $16,990

Denyo DLW-500LSW

The Denyo DLW-500LSW is a compact and high performing diesel welder generator.

With the capacity to power all your welding machinery, this 15kVA welder generator features a permanent magnet and newly developed current control system to deliver stable arc performance for all sizes of welding rods. It’s also equipped with safety devices as standard, such as emergency shut-off to protect the generator from low oil pressure or overload.

Fuel tank: 45L

Noise level: 65dBA at 7m

Price: $23,900

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