While there are many generator types and sizes available, demanding industries like large-scale construction and mining sectors rely on high-performing engines to withstand tough conditions.

When it comes to powering heavy-duty equipment, having a dependable generator engine is key. While there are many generator types and sizes available, demanding industries like large-scale construction and mining sectors rely on high-performing engines to withstand tough conditions.

Here's a quick guide on generator engines, what makes them reliable and our recommendations on the best engines to suit the job.

What Makes an Engine Reliable?

An engine's reliability comes down to its capacity to mitigate the stress of operation.

Heavy-duty, high-quality engines need to withstand extreme weather conditions, harsh climates and environments. Between the fuel combustions, oil gushing and temperature changes, all working components should operate without fail in intense conditions.

Some engines are specially designed to handle these demanding conditions. Generator brands like Denyo and Kubota, for instance, are world renowned for their high-quality engines and are ideal for extreme environments. Especially within construction, mining and large-scale agricultural applications.

What Makes an Engine Unreliable?

In most cases, an unreliable engine arises when the engine overheats, damaging the motor and causing it to blow.

An engine's design caters for high temperatures by allowing the components to expand and contort within a given range. However, if engine temperatures exceed this range, components will undergo intense stress and may cause the engine to blow or fail completely.

To mitigate this, the engine cooling and oiling systems attempt to alleviate heat from the engine cylinders and disperse it from the radiator through the engine coolant.

Oiling systems act as a heat inhibitor by lubrication – preventing any kind of friction interfering with the engine and ensuring the engine temperature doesn't exceed the maximum range. For this reason, engines with faulty or unbalanced cooling systems are another cause of unreliability.

Best General Engine – Kubota

Kubota generator engines exhibit greater reliability and uptime in contrast to their competitors. They go through rigorous testing to ensure they stand up to the harsh conditions of industry, construction and mining applications. Their componentry, such as its cast iron cylinders, are made with long-term durability in mind, ideal for generators geared toward high-quality and long-lasting performance.

Our 30kVA 3 Phase Kubota KJ-T300-AU-B Generator is best suited to large-scale construction, industrial and mining applications because of its efficient and safe operation in extreme and harsh conditions. Its original TVCS combustion system significantly reduces sound levels, allowing for quieter operation on site.

Best Overall Engine - Denyo

Denyo generator engines are considered one of the highest-quality, fuel-efficient engines on the market. In fact, they are approximately 11% more fuel efficient than their competitors. They are also renowned for being able to withstand extremely hot conditions and are the recommended choice for Australia's mining and rental applications.

Not only are Denyo generators one of the more high-performing units, but they are also known to reserve energy, are excellent for generator synchronisation and can also withstand extremely cold temperatures. Not just limited to mining applications, Denyo generators are also ideal for other applications such as telecommunication centres, industrial projects, long-term, large-scale construction and entertainment venues.

We recommend the Denyo 220kVA 3 Phase Diesel DCA-220SPK3 Generator for any large-scale construction or mining application. For long-term, uninterrupted power, we also provide generator synchronisation and customisations to suit any power requirement.

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