Choosing The Right Generator For Power Tools – Your Guide

Choosing The Right Generator For Power Tools – Your Guide

Choosing the right portable generator for your trade site is essential. It’ll ensure you always have access to reliable power to run your tools, no matter how remote or inaccessible mains electricity is.

But with so many generator sizes, brands and power outputs available, it's hard to know what's right for you.

In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to choose the right generator for your power tools and recommend four of our best generators up to the task.

How To Choose The Right Generator For Power Tools

How Much Power Do You Need?

Tally up the starting and running watts of each tool you want to power.

You should be able to find this information on the tools data tag or in the user manual. If your device doesn’t list its wattage, multiply amps x volts to calculate it yourself.

The Difference Between Starting & Running Watts

Running watts is the continuous power needed to operate your tools. Starting watts, on the other hand, is the additional watts needed for a brief moment to start your power tools.

For tools like air compressors, circular saws and bore pumps, starting watts can be 3x the running wattage.

To get you started, we’ll highlight the average starting and running watts of some popular power tools.

Note: Every power tool is different, so be sure to check the exact wattage of your equipment before choosing a generator.

Do You Need To Adhere To Noise Restrictions?

Noise output is crucial if you plan to use your generator around the home or on residential trade sites.

Generators with noise levels at 60 dBA or below comply with urban noise restrictions. Anything louder may result in a large fine, especially if the generator is in use for extended periods of time.

What Run Time Do You Need?

You must ensure your generator will provide enough power to see you through the workday.

This will vary from site to site, but a least 7 hours of continuous operation should do the trick. For example, the Genesys GEN11000R will power tools for up to 13 hours without needing to refuel.

Note: Run time will vary depending on the fuel tank capacity, load and engine efficiency of the generator.

Our Top 4 Generators For Power Tools

For Larger Tools On Construction Sites

To power large, demanding power tools like brick saws, welders or bench saws, we recommend a generator between 7,500-10,000 watts.

Our top 2 picks include:

1. Kubota GL9000

The Kubota GL9000 is a two-pole, single-phase diesel generator powered by a world-renowned Kubota D722 engine. It has a rated output of 8,000 watts at 240 volts, making it well-suited to larger power loads found on job sites.

The GL9000 features an oversize muffler, a matched air cleaner hose and low fan speed, ensuring a minimal noise output of 66.5 dBA at 7m. The generator's 28L fuel tank and impressive fuel economy extend operating periods for up to 8.5 hours of continuous use.

2. Genesys GEN11000R

The Genesys GEN11000R is trade-ready genset, providing a maximum 9,375 watts and a continuous output of 7,500 watts. The GEN11000R has the largest fuel tank on the market for a generator its size, allowing it to operate at 75% load for up to 13 hours.

The GEN11000R comes equipped to handle the most demanding trade sites, with heavy-duty flat-free wheels and custom designed outlet covers to protect against dust, dirt and debris. It also features a high leverage single folding handle and grip for easy manoeuvrability.

For Smaller Tools For Trade & Around The Home

For smaller power tools around the home like sanders, jigsaws or chainsaws, you’ll want to look for a generator in the 2,000-4,000 watt range.

Our top 2 recommendations include:

3. Honda EU22i

The Honda EU22i is a small inverter generator that gives you plenty of power and mobility. Delivering 2,200 peak watts and 1,800 running watts, the EU22i will comfortably power most household tools. Its 21kg weight means it’s easy to move around the home wherever you require power.

The EU22i’s built in Eco Throttle setting delivers greater fuel efficiency and extends its run time to 8 hours. It also allows the generator to operate at a neighbourhood-acceptable 53-59 dBA.

4. Genesys GEN3650ie

The Genesys GEN3650ie is a reliable, electric start inverter generator that delivers a maximum 3,560 watts and 3,300 running watts. It also comes with attached wheels and a pulling handle to ensure easy manoeuvrability around the home or garden.

The GEN3650ie’s cast iron sleeved engine and low oil shutdown ensures durability while its custom designed outlet covers protect the outlets from dirt, dust and debris. Its 7L tank also allows for an extended run time of up to 9 hours.

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