GEH2 Hydrogen Generator

The GEH2 hydrogen generator delivers the power you need, without CO2 emissions, particulate matter or noise.  


The GEH2 Hydrogen Generator

The GEH2 brings you the latest generation of fuel cell technology and 80kW of clean, quiet and instant power. 

Zero Emissions, Zero Noise Pollution

Forget fumes, earmuffs and masks – the only output from the GEH2 is a little water and some heat. Perfect for those who need a strong power supply, without compromising on emission output.  

  • Zero CO2, NOx & HC emission output
  • State-of-the-art fuel cell technology
  • Zero noise pollution

On-Board Intelligence: Flexible, Smart & Connected Power

The GEH2 offers more than power, it gives you the flexibility to work intelligently and productively without the unproductive site visits and delays due to maintenance. Experience built-in online monitoring via the cloud and direct notifications if something needs addressing. There’s even a remote interface so you have control at any time, no matter where you are.

  • On-board intelligence software
  • Remote interface
  • Remote online monitoring with 4G connection

One Generator For Multiple Applications

The GEH2 is designed to replace conventional diesel and gas gensets across prime, and emergency stand-by application almost anywhere in need of strong, reliable, efficient power.  

  • Off-grid construction sites
  • Mine sites, metro construction and confined work area
  • Entertainment areas, concerts and sporting events
  • Emergency power for hospitals, airports and data centres
  • Protected, zero emission zones and regulated areas
  • Isolated locations and sites
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