Industrial fans cool the workplace

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Fanquip has two products from its range to help industrial businesses beat workplace heat during the hottest months of the year.

The Fanquip Mancooler fans and Fanquip air circulators are suitable for those companies that require regulated air movement throughout premises for only parts of the year.

Strong, mechanically durable, with all the necessary safety features, these products can provide a safer, more pleasant workplace and are portable and easy to store.

Air circulators (pedestal and wall-mounted)

These create air flow in specific areas of a factory, plant or laboratory, which would otherwise find it impossible to direct fresh air to pockets of their operation.

For instance, if a large commercial food packaging plant placed its stock in multi-level palletised storage before freighting, these air circulator units - the mounted ones specifically - can be affixed in strategic locations to create a desired air flow well above ground level.

If a multi-faceted assembly plant manufactures a product that is transient across the assembly lines, personnel moving with this assembly routine can be kept cool merely by relocating the pedestal mounted version of the air circulator to the required location.

As an indication of how effective air movement is in retaining comfortable body temperature of shop floor employees, air moving at a velocity of 2.5m/sec can give people working in that airstream an approximate cooling effect of 5°C.

The heavy duty air circulators operate on two speeds and have three-blade impellers to ensure large volumes of air can be moved when and where required.

Fan diameters available are 460mm, 630mm and 810mm, with each of these dimensions relating to both wall mounted versions and pedestals.

Motor power ranges from 0.20kW to 0.30kW. Free air volumes move at high speed range from 3000L per second through to 17,000L per second.

Operating voltages are available in 1 Phase 240V or 3 Phase 415V in all of the fan diameters.

Apart from being very inexpensive to purchase and install, the type of structure and light weight design provides great installation flexibility.

For instance, they can either be wall mounted or operate from a steel pedestal when portability is an important requirement.

Mancooler fans

These portable fans greatly reduce the hot working conditions faced by many industrial workplaces during the summer months. Mancooler fans are wheel-mounted to be positioned wherever needed.

They are predominantly used to generate a high speed air stream to cool hot workers by evaporation.

A sturdy and compact frame ensures the unit does not tip over and the entire assembly is mounted on wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

A key optional feature of the unit is its 'hydro blast' attachment, which emits a very fine water vapour to quickly and significantly reduce the air temperature in very hot areas - even as hot as foundries.

The entire 'hydro blast' kit includes a mist ring, nozzles, a shut off valve, filter, mounting brackets and installation instructions.

Fanquip Mancoolers have a tough, industrial coating to ensure they survive in the toughest conditions. Free air volume ranges from 1500 L/sec for the 400mm unit up to 17,000 L/sec for the 1000mm-diameter model.

General specifications of the various Fanquip Mancooler fan units include:

  • Fan diameter: 300mm or 400mm
  • Motor speed: 1440rpm or 2880rpm
  • Motor power (kW/voltage): 0.18 - 1.10
  • Voltage: 1 Ph 240V or 3 Ph 415V.

Fan diameter sizes range from 400mm to 1000mm in both 240V and 415V versions.