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Industrial Wastewater Treatment | Baleen Filter

Supplier: Baleen Filters

The Baleen Filter is a highly-efficient non-pressurised self-cleaning solution for separating solids from wastewater streams, and offers several compelling benefits and advantages over conventional systems that you may be using or considering.

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There are generally three stages to treating wastewater, primary, secondary and tertiary, with each stage requiring some form of filtration or separation methodology. The Baleen Filter can be used at any of these stages:

1. Primary treatment - to separate visible, settleable constituents.

2. Secondary treatment - to remove fine suspended and/or soluble constituents.

3. Tertiary treatment - to produce water acceptable for a a specified purpose/subsequent use, which in many cases requires pre-filtration to less than 0.1mm (100 micron or 140 Mesh).

There are major benefits of the Baleen Filter for Industry:

  • Lower capital costs, compared with traditional settling and clarifying methods.
  • Very versatile -  can be adapted for use as a mobile clean-up system and emergency pollution response.
  • Small footprint - saving valuable land.
  • Ideal for resource recovery.
  • Environmentally friendly, reduced or no chemicals required.  
  • Low operating costs, low energy needs and low maintenance.
  • Simplicity in industrial wastewater management.

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