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Industries Serviced

Supplier: Indux Air Systems
23 September, 2009

Below is the range of industries serviced by Indux

  • Industry Type of Work Equipment Installed
  • Research Furnace Fume Extraction Reverse Pulse Dust Collector IP96 100M2
  • Education Fibreglass Spraying Reverse Pulse Collector IP96 plus 2 Downdraft Spray Booths
  • Aircraft Composite Fibre Aircraft parts Two high vacuum system minus 16KPA, minus 20KPA
  • Education University of Technology IMF6 Dust Collector
  • Education Dust Extraction woodworking IP248 Reverse Pulse
  • Defence Dust & Fume extraction Indux Sliding Duct IMF6
  • Local Government Dust & Fume Spray painting IMF2, ZB4, Articulated Arms
  • Timber Dust Extraction IMF3, IMF6, IMF8, 6 Branches
  • Pharmaceutical Dust Extraction Fine Dust
  • Timber Dust Extraction Fine Polishing
  • Steel Fume Extraction Workshops in Port Kembla
  • Education Dust Extraction & Spray Booths Over 20 Carpentry and Pant workshops
  • Chemical Resin Fumes Wet Scrubber
  • Steel Mill Scale Extraction Dust Collectors, Special Lexan Enclosures, Cyclones, 4 lines
  • Recycling Paper/Air Cyclone, Rotary Valve, 40kW Fan/controlled, 2 plants
  • Materials Handling Fume Extraction Welding Bays, Fume Arms
  • Steel Spray Booth Locomotive Spray Booth
  • Transport Fume Extraction Articulated Arms, Mobile Hoods, 1400DS
  • Education Dust Extraction Over 80 Workshops, IMF20 etc.
  • Plastics Dust Extraction 3 plants, IFJP9
  • Steel Mill Scale Extraction 2 Lines, 2 x IP48
  • Building & Construction Stone Dust Heritage Stone Masonry
  • Health Dust Extraction 6 Workshops
  • Metal Dust Extraction Metal Polishing
  • Washing Scrubber Drum Washing Plant
  • Pharmaceutical Scrubber/Carboned Toxic Fumes
  • Fibreglass Dust Booth Wet Dust Booth
  • Research Mineral Dust IFJP12
  • Timber Saw Dust Extraction 2 x IMF2 x 50 m3 hoppers
  • Ceramics Spray Booths 4 Booths