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Inline's SnakeEye III video inspection camera

Supplier: INLINE Systems | NDT Gear
08 February, 2012

The long established SnakeEye video inspection camera is now in its fourteenth year of production and is still a popular choice within a vast number of industries.

After 14 years this camera is still a popular choice.

The most recent version, the SnakeEye III,  has become a market leader due to its lightweight, modular and portable design that allows the user’s "eyes travel where they physically can’t".

Combining a high resolution removable CCD colour camera head and separate handheld TFT-LCD display technology the SnakeEye delivers and records crystal clear images and full colour video.

SnakeEye III Applications

The camera can be used within a multitude of industries including search and rescue, industrial, mechanics, aviation, buildings, pest control and public safety. It can be easily configured to inspect behind walls, inside ceilings, in and around pipes and machinery, under vehicles, inside engines and tanks, behind computer equipment and underneath automobile dashboards – the possibilities are simply endless.

SnakeEye III Features

The versatile camera design features an interchangeable colour camera head that can be attached to a 50cm rigid wand or a finger attachment and furthermore, onto 30 and 100ft extendable soft coaxial cables and 14 and 25ft extendable poles.

The lightweight, compact display unit weighs less than 2 lbs and houses a high resolution (640 x 480) full color 5" TFT-LCD display and rechargeable battery pack.

The display screen has a built in protective plastic cover and can be electronically rotated to maintain proper image orientation for the viewer.

All of the function control buttons are featured on the display unit including the Power and Camera Head Light On/Off buttons for operating the brightness adjustment for low light or bright light conditions, allowing easy one-handed operation.

The unit displays your saved images as still photos into a thumbnail library on a standard removable SD card with date and time stamp information for each photo or video captured.

Designed to function in harsh industrial environments, the SnakeEye III Video Probe is constructed of high impact, heavy duty plastic and has its own waterproofing kit allowing it to withstand shock and vibration and making it water, dust and dirt proof so it can be used where grease and non-solvent based chemicals are present. Required outdoor accessories include the display shield and neck strap with other optional accessories available.

Want to hear what our customers think about the SnakeEye III?

Bernie Ryan, Senior Engineering Specialist with Air Services Australia shares his experiences with using the SnakeEye video probe:

What made you choose to purchase the SnakeEye III? What were the specific features you liked?

Its rugged construction with the added feature of being IP68 compliant. It was also the 6m pole accessory that made it a better all round application.

How has the product performed compared to your expectations?

The product has performed to our expectations; we have used it to identify obstructions in underground communications conduits (using the 30m extension lead) and to inspect block work to ascertain whether or not the contractor core filled as per specification. It has also been used to inspect FCU (Fan Cooler Unit) ducting to assess condition without exposing staff to an OHandS risk.

Would you recommend the SnakeEye III to other users in your industry?


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I have no complaints at all. All correspondence has been very polite and prompt, a pleasure to deal with.

Where to purchase the SnakeEye III

INLINE Systems are the proud exclusive distributors of the SnakeEye III for Australia and New Zealand. We offer expert pre-sale and post-sale advice and have an in-house technical service department for most spare part or repair requirements. This allows you to purchase your unit locally, and be assured that you can access continued service and support.

Link: www.inline.com.au/snakeeye-3