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Is your UV Light ASTM Compliant for NDT?

Supplier: Russell Fraser Sales NDT By: Russell Fraser Sales
06 November, 2017

ASTM International is an important organization that serves as an open forum for the development of international standards in non-destructive testing (NDT).

The organization was originally formed by a coalition of scientists and engineers in 1898 to address the frequent rail breaks affecting the fast-growing railroad industry. The group developed a standard for the steel used to fabricate rails and called the “American Society for Testing Materials.” It later became the “American Society for Testing and Materials” before it changed its name to “ASTM International” in 2001, as it remains today.

The advent of the industrial revolution — from steam boats to railroad transportation and large factories — created a greater need for non-destructive testing of machine parts. Now, non-destructive testing is used in nearly every manufacturing and engineering process to inspect parts, welds, and structures. Standards are constantly getting upgraded to make NDT safe for inspectors and the public. ASTM standards have been put in place to ensure the safety and efficiency of UV-A lamps used in fluorescent inspection and non-destructive testing. The most recent standard, as of September, 2015, is ASTM E3022. Spectroline NDT inspection lamps are available in several versions that meet this important standard.- 

Scope of ASTM E3022

This practice covers the procedures for testing the performance of ultraviolet A (UV-A), light emitting diode (LED) lamps used in fluorescent penetrant and fluorescent magnetic particle testing. This specification also includes reporting and performance requirements for UV-A LED lamps. These tests are intended to be performed only by the manufacturer to certify performance of specific lamp models (housing, filter, diodes, electronic circuit design, optical elements, cooling system, and power supply combination) and also includes limited acceptance tests for individual lamps delivered to the user. This test procedure is not intended to be utilized by the end user.

Spectroline meets ASTM E3022 compliance:

Spectroline certifies performance of specific lamp models with rigorous in-house testing. They record the performance of these lamp models on fully serialized Certificates of Conformance which show that the lamp has met all of the following requirements before it is shipped:

1) Lamp Acceptance Test Requirements
2) Emission Spectrum Measurements
3) Filter Transmittance

Retrofit/Upgrade to ASTM E3022 on some previously purchased Tritan and Quadran series handheld lamps purchased after 1/1/2013 (flashlights and overhead lamps are not eligible regardless of age). If your lamp was purchased without a Certificate of Conformance, it may be eligible to be upgraded to ASTM E3022. Previously purchased lamps in the field may be required for a return and retrofit/upgrade in order to meet ASTM E3022 compliances.

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Spectroline ASTM E3022 Compliant UV Lamps for NDT