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JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

Supplier: Mainmark

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting is a unique process of multi-point, cementitious levelling of large, complex structures by computer-controlled equipment.

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This unique system is used extensively for re-levelling seismic settled large and complex structures such as multi-storey residential and commercial buildings as it enables a level correction without the use of hydraulic jacks and temporary lifting platforms. Neighbouring properties are not affected and product is contained within the site.

A very high degree of accuracy is achieved due to advanced grout monitors, and minimal stress is placed on separate sections of the structures, as all parts are supported and brought up together using small, sequenced injections of high mobility cementitious grout.

A proprietary high pressure, low volume grout pump controlled by computer program circulates cementitious grout to as many as 128 injection points. The grout is circulated to each injection point in the quantity required at the moment it is required. This way the structure is raised evenly and gradually without any undue stress on any part.

Where the site and project require it, we may establish grout monitors: an automated robotic, station based wireless monitoring system. This monitors and reports levels and inclination data from a complete network of points over the entire footprint of the building being levelled. This reporting is constant and in real time, thus enabling the fine tuning of the injection program. The process is extremely precise: the cementitious re-levelling of huge and complex buildings is controlled to the millimetre and the results are achieved in a remarkably short time.

With JOG computer-controlled grouting there is great accuracy in levelling large, complex or sensitive structures. There is also a significant time saving. And there is no mess, no noise, no excavation, and no vibration.