Landscaping professionals embrace Modular Wall Systems

Supplier: Modular Wall Systems
11 February, 2013

Australian landscapers embrace Modular Wall Systems' masonry wall alternatives to extend the scope of their businesses.

With more than 5000 residential and commercial projects completed across Australia, Modular Wall Systems' cost effective, stylish acoustic boundary walling and SlimWall designer fencing solutions are proven to provide a highly successful proposition for Australian landscaping professionals and their clients.

The modular panel walling sector grows at an average rate of over 35%, year on year and is predicted to grow exponentially in years to come. Landscaping professionals across Australia are benefitting their businesses by extending the scope of services with Modular Wall Systems' high quality products. They are proven to respond to the growing demand for alternatives to masonry walls, colorUbond and paling fencing from residential as well as commercial clients. 

Modular Walls Systems are the original inventors of the modular walls concept. Since its introduction in 2004, the concept has firmly anchored itself as an alternative to masonry walls and traditional fencing options. Modular Wall Systems, as the industry leader, stands for innovation, precision engineering and customer service excellence. Landscaping professionals trust the company to provide them with all the support they need to effectively use Modular Wall Systems' products. This renders the products a viable option for any type of landscaping business. 

Modular Wall Systems' EstateWall, VogueWall and TrendWall options offer the right blend of flexible solutions to match any landscaping project as well as the architectural integrity of any home.

Why landscaping professionals are excited about Modular Wall Systems' alternatives to masonry walls.

Modular Wall Systems' walling products enable the landscaping professional to expand their portfolio of services in a number of ways:

  • Reduced cost: A Modular Wall System offers considerable cost and time savings over a comparable masonry wall. The system does not require bricklayers, earth moving equipment, renderers or expensive strip footing.
  • Reduced labour: Most landscaping professionals are perfectly qualified to install a Modular Wall Systems without requiring additional labour. Installation is typically done within days.
  • Reduced lead times: A Modular Wall System is delivered within a few days, negating lead times for to bricks or bricklayers.
  • Last minute opportunity: The installation of a Modular Wall System is hassle free. This means that the wall can be added at any stage of the project, even at the last minute, without disturbing landscaping work that was done previously.
  • Versatility: Modular Wall Systems' walling products are easily customisable with gates, slats, lighting and letterboxes. They can be finished with an acrylic paint, texture paint, acrylic render finish and even stone cladding to seamlessly match the overall look and feel of the landscaping project. Modular Wall Systems are available in various heights and styles.
  • Ease of use: Modular Wall Systems' walling products are ready to accept wiring, are lightweight and great for sites that would normally be inaccessible to masonry walls.
  • Reduce neighbourhood and road noise: The Modular Wall System has been National Acoustic Laboratory tested and rated. Up to a fourfold audible reduction in traffic and neighbour noise can be expected.
  • Strong and durable: Precision engineering combined with composite panel technology provides a strong, durable, rigid but light weight wall which is virtually maintenance free and which allows for future ground movement.
  • Excellent customer service: Modular Wall Systems provides landscaping professionals with a dedicated support team, technical documents and drawings for various project solutions.

Modular Wall Systems' residential walling solutions


An EstateWall is designed to closely mirror the dimensions of a brick wall with large piers. It's Modular Wall Systems' premium option and ideal for decorative front walls that make a grand statement. EstateWall also easily suits boundary walls, acoustic walls and security perimeters.


VogueWall is Modular Wall Systems' most popular wall and is designed to mirror the dimensions of a single brick wall with piers. Decorative in its own right, VogueWall makes a statement along front walls and fences and is ideal for boundary walls, feature walls and privacy walls.


TrendWall is the most cost effective option. It's most common applications are for boundary walls, screening or privacy walls and feature walls.

SlimWall Designer Fencing

SlimWall is the premium, designer fencing alternative to standard colorbond or timber fencing.