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Magnetic Susceptibility Meter | Sampling System | Magnasat

Supplier: Ultra-Dynamics

MAGNASAT determines the magnetic susceptibility of materials by measuring the changes that these materials cause to an alternating current magnetic field.

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Changes in the magnetic field are caused by a complex mix of eddy currents and the action of magnetic domains. The magnitude of these changes is dependent on the material's magnetic and electrical properties, sample geometry and quantity of material presented for measurement.

The physical principle on which Magnetic Susceptibility Meter | Sampling System | Magnasat is based relies on tried and tested technology; if a magnet is moved through a coil an electrical current is generated, conversely if an electrical current is passed through a coil a magnetic field is produced. In this way an absolute measurement of magnetic susceptibility is provided.

Magnetic Susceptibility Meter | Sampling System | Magnasat is designed to be installed directly on tonnage rated conveyor belts. The system consists of an interrogation coil which is installed round the conveyor belt; a reference coil which is located adjacent to the interrogation coil and an Electronics Control Cabinet which houses all the electronic components as well as the power supply and terminations.

The interrogation coil measures the changes in the magnetic field caused by the passage of the magnetite carried by the conveyor belt. The electronics housed in the Electronics Control Cabinet manipulate the raw data and output a % Magnetite result.

Once the system has been installed, it has to be calibrated, which is usually carried out using an automatic sampling system if this is available. If an automatic sampling system is not available then stop belt sampling can also be used to calibrate the system.

Features and Benefits of Magnetic Susceptibility Meter | Sampling System | Magnasat

  • Direct "on-belt" installation, - interrogates the entire conveyor burden encircling coil configuration
  • State of the art electronic design: - ultimate precision of <1 x 10-7 m3/kg
  • -Measurement of absolute - magnetic susceptibility and
    • -mass flow compensation capability
    • -inbuilt temperature compensation
  • IP65 enclosures - suitable for field installation