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Ultra-Dynamnics Pty Ltd specialises in process control enhancements, electronic monitoring equipment and general consultancy for power generation, mining and manufacturing and all heavy industry. The product range can be divided into a number of areas including:

1. General Industry

On-line measurement of the ultraMOIST moisture using a microwave transmission technique which is suitable for application to conveyor belt as well as in-bin. The system has been applied to a wide range of industries for application to moisture measurement of paper to rock as well as other non-conducting materials. Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd has also developed a number of control strategies including drier control and water addition.

MAGNASAT Magnetic Susceptibility Meter provides a measurement of the magnetic properties of materials and has been particularly useful for the copper and mineral sands industries for the measurement of magnetite and other ferrous mineral contents of process materials.

Inflo Resometric Beltscale which provides the ultimate precision and stability of mass flow measurement

2. Power Industry

Lintvalve Steam Leak Detection System for the detection of steam leaks before they become a major costly repair problem

Promecon's Mecontrol range of on-line analysis equipment including:

- UBC for the measurement of unburned carbon in fly ash
- AIR for the measurement of air flow directly in ducts
- COAL for the measurement of pulverised fuel mass flow, air velocity and particle size analysis
- TEMP for the rapid measurement of temperature particularly in pulverising mills.

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