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Maytec's unique connector system: unmatched by the competition

Supplier: MayTec Australia
03 February, 2012

Experience Maytec’s unrivaled advantage through their unique connector system, the wide range of connectors ensures that individual components are joined with a minimum of effort and maximum efficiency.

Utilising a 12mm shaft diameter on the anchor and a specially designed locking screw/cross bush combination, the strength achieved through the unique connector system is unmatched by any of the competition.

No more nuts and bolts are required when using Maytec profile as the wide range of connectors allows any size profile to be joined to any other size profile in a multitude of combinations such as parallel connections, compound angled joints, miter joints, inline extensions, angled joints or the simple right angled join.

Maytec’s unique connector system forms the backbone of the profile system and provides one stand out reason as to why you should choose the Maytec profile system. Support static loads of over 1 tonne with a single connector and have peace of mind knowing that it is guaranteed not to loosen under extreme stress or vibration.