Microprocessor-controlled, three-channel bench top signal conditioner

Supplier: Bestech Australia
20 January, 2014

Bestech Australia is introducing the new Endevco model 123 low-cost, microprocessor-controlled, three-channel, PE (charge mode)/IEPE (voltage mode), bench-top signal conditioner from Meggitt Sensing Systems for aerospace test and measurement.

The model 123 supplied by Bestech Australia incorporates a charge amplifier when used with PE sensors. An integral 0, 4 or 10 milliamps per channel selectable current source is used with IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) sensors. Microprocessor SLEEP/WAKES modes are utilised in Model 123 to eliminate high frequency clock noise and their associated harmonics as well as to acknowledge front panel switch depressions respectively. It also uses low noise linear regulators instead of switching regulators to minimise interference.

The device has bandwidth to 230 kHz (+/-5 percent), and is designed to be used with Endevco PE and IEPE accelerometers or other industry sensors across a variety of general purpose laboratory test applications including modal and structural analysis as well as NVH, automotive and aerospace testing. The front-panel interface enables users to program input sensitivity and output sensitivity to calculate amplifier gain. Gain settings can also be entered directly on a per-channel basis.

Common applications for Endevco® model 123 PE/IEPE signal conditioner, along with appropriate sensors, include modal and structural analysis, NVH, automotive and aerospace testing and general in-laboratory applications. All Endevco® signal conditioners are available via Bestech Australia.