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Mini Odour Neutralizing Vapour Systems

Supplier: PIIAN

An All Natural Odour Neutralizing System - to solve complaints about odours from occupants of apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls and institutions which are caused by smelly multi storey trash chutes, garbage compactors, garbage rooms, loading docks or troublesome sewage drains.

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Why is is different?
The Piian Mini Vaporiser System immediately, permanently and safely eliminates odours, it works for over 1 year before service is required. Common Perfume Sprayers just don't work, they break often, run empty and require frequent refills. Ozone Generators are dangerous (per the US EPA), they consume over $1000 in electrical power per year, and they are worn out in as little as 2 years!

Overview of Mini Odour Neutralizing Vapour Systems

  • Immediately Eliminates Odours Using All Natural Piian Odour Neutralizer
  • Lasts 1 Year Between Refills (5 Gallon Pail)
  • Costs $1.00 Per Day To Operate
  • 15 Minute Installation, Automatic Cycling Operation
  • Works in Freezing and High Humidity Conditions, Inside or Outside
  • Indicates When Solution Is Low, Beeps When Empty
  • Stainless Steel Construction, Industrial Quality Components
  • 30 Day Performance Guarantee / Free Return On This Product
  • Need References? Over 1000 Systems In Service
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • In stock and available for immediate shipment

The Piian Mini Vaporiser System is an industrial-quality odour control system specifically designed to neutralize odours in in garbage compactors, garbage chutes and garbage rooms.

The system vaporises a super concentrated solution of Piian Odour Neutralizer into the odourous environment were molecules of this all natural material safely and permanently destroy odours by an absorbing and a biodegrading action. This system does not use a perfume or masking agent, it creates a neutral odour balance.

Our unique and highly efficient vaporising technology means the system only needs to be refilled once per year. Our proven design and industrial quality components means no maintenance requirements and ultra-low electrical consumption.

The Piian Mini Vaporiser was developed by us over 10 years ago to solve the performance problems and high service costs of perfume sprayer type systems and the hidden electrical costs and safety issues associated with ozone generators.

No Perfumes – All Natural Piian Odour Neutralizer safely destroys odours to create a neutral odour balance.

Annual Refill – By vaporising concentrated material into tiny droplets, the system only needs a 5 gallon refill once per year.

Lowest Operating Costs – Consumes only $1 in material per day. Runs only one minute per hour.

Superior Construction – Stainless Steel and Lexan construction plus proven industrial quality components ensure reliability and durability even in the toughest operating environment.

Safety – No Dangerous Ozone, No Obnoxious Fragrances. Dispenses All Natural Piian Odour Neutralizer which is made from only food or pharmaceutical grade ingredients and has been independently tested for compliance with EPA guidelines.

Simple and Fast Installation – Simple self-installation, unpack the unit, add the odour neutralizer, press the start button. The system is preprogrammed at the factory. Setup takes less than 15 minutes.

Easy To Use – A digital control panel insures full automation and allows simple adjustments, easy to understand.

Low Level Indicator – LED on control panel alerts user to low odour neutralizer level.

Empty Alarm – the system shuts off and an alarm will sound when the odour neutralizer needs to be replaced.

High Humidity Operation – the system does not use water allowing high performance even in high humidity conditions.

Freezing Operation – continues to operate down to -50°F.

One Year Warranty – the system comes with a full one year warranty. (Full warranty details available by request)

Lifetime Warranty Option – Each time you purchase a 5 gallon refill of Piian Odour Neutralizer we will extend you systems warranty by 1 year effectively giving a lifetime warranty on the system. (Full lifetime warranty details available by request)

Technical Support – Piian Systems has 20 years of experience; our technicians are factory trained and are ready to assist.

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