New 3 Axis Fibre Optic sensor from Micronor

Supplier: Quality in Control
15 May, 2015

Micronor, are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW 3 axis Optic sensor system, fibre optical accelerometer MR383 system.

Based on hermetically sealed MEMS micro mirrors, the ideal arrangement of fibres, that detects micro movement of the mirrors that equal to acceleration due to the difference in brightness, which can then be measured.

As the sensor, is transmitting light only this light signal can be transmitted passive to the conditioner module up to a maximum of 1000 meters with a standard micro fibre 100/125 and where required can be passed through high electrical noise equipment without pick up or where required high feed through sealed can be used i.e. pass through generator or hermitic chambers walls.

Simple and easy cabling from sensor to electronic converter unit, no electronic or any kind of power transmitted

The MR383 is ATAX certificated, suited for operation in hostile environments even where it contain explosive gasses, have high voltage levels or severe electrical and magnetic interference.

The product is ideally suited for application as stator end monitoring of generators, for ball bearing monitoring in gears, mining and oil and gas application.