New industrial and heavy duty versions of Accelens inclinometers

Supplier: Plant Control and Automation
06 March, 2012

The Fraba Posital division has introduced a new Industrial and Heavy Duty versions of its proven ACCELENS (ACS) inclinometers, featuring either a plastic or aluminium housing.

In many applications, these non-contact sensors can be used as an alternative to rotary encoders.        

The units feature capacitive sensor cells based on MEMS technology (micro electromechanical systems), and allow users to measure inclination values directly, they require no mechanical coupling to drive elements.

Mounting fixtures and couplings are therefore rendered unnecessary, minimising the constructive effort compared with other solutions.

The inclinometers are available as single axis models with a 360° measuring range and as double axis models with a ±80° measuring range. They provide a 0.01° resolution at a 0.1° measuring accuracy.

A high sampling rate of up to 100 measurements per second enables an efficient filtering of vibrations and shocks and minimises the settling time.

Depending on the model, the robust devices provide IP68 or IP69K protection. They are available with SSI, CANopen, DeviceNet or field bus interfaces and with analogue voltage or current outputs.

Designed for a wide temperature range (-40 to +85 °C), they can be used even under extreme environmental conditions, such as mobile machinery.