New refrigerants for Testo manifolds

Supplier: Testo Australia By: Praj Perera | Marketing Manager, Testo Australia
13 June, 2018

Testo has announced that 13 new refrigerants can now be integrated into its manifolds. SP22 which is the direct drop in replacement for R22 is also available.

The new refrigerants will be automatically updated on the Testo refrigeration app and the Testo Smart Probe app and can be transferred onto the Bluetooth-enabled testo 550, 557 refrigeration manifolds as well as the testo Smart Probe Refrigeration Kit.

The new refrigerants include: R1233zd, R407H, R444B, R450A, R452B, R453a, R454A, R454B, R454C, R455A, R458A, R513A and SP22.

Testo refrigerant gauges/manifolds are used for refrigeration & heat pump systems.

They are popular with technicians because of their accuracy, efficiency and robustness. There are many advantages for using Testo digital refrigerant gauges.

Easy-to-read screens, accurate readings, convenience of one gauge doing over 80 refrigerants, automatic calculation of superheat & sub cool, smartphone connectivity giving the additional benefit of simple convenient reporting.