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Nitrogen Generator Systems | Oxymat

Supplier: H.I.Fraser

Oxymat Oxygen and Nitrogen (Inert Gas) Generators use the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process to generate Oxygen at up to 95% purity, or Nitrogen at up to 99.9999% purity (1ppm other components).

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H.I.Fraser is an Australian Distributor for Oxymat A/S.

Oxymat has been designing, engineering and manufacturing Oxygen generator systems since 1978 and Nitrogen systems since 2001.

Oxymat's Nitrogen Generators are based on the well-known PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology using two pressurised columns with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production.

The essence of PSA

The PSA process is an extremely clean operation and the only 'raw material' is air.

On-site generators allow for an uninterrupted supply of Nitrogen gas with an ultra-high purity output. This means that you can produce gas where and when you need it, and in the exact quantity and quality you need.

What is PSA?

PSA means Pressure Swing Adsorption

  • Pressure – Elevated pressures, normally 5-8 bar are needed for the process
  • Swing – 2 vessels working in counter-phase in terms of pressurising and de-pressurising
  • Adsorption – The PSA principle is used for separation of atmospheric air, where product gases are separated from others by the adsorption process

How it works

  • At Oxymat, we use two columns with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production.
  • Dry compressed air is blown through a valve to the vessel where the pressure is built to reach 5 to 7 bar(g). Oxygen is tied to a molecular sieve during the building of pressure, and the Nitrogen is allowed to pass through to the accumulation tank.
  • While pressure is build in one vessel, the second remains without pressure.
  • A part of the produced gas is used for regeneration of the molecular sieve.
  • For generating Nitrogen, a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is used. The molecular sieve is fully regenerative and has a life span on to 40.000 operation hours.

The entire PSA system for generating Nitrogen can be subdivided into:

  • Compressed air system (Air compressor, Refrigeration dryer, Air receiver and Filters)
  • PSA skid
  • Nitrogen receiver
  • Nitrogen boosting and Filling Station (optional)

Optional supplies:

  • Panel Display with electro galvanic sensor
  • Touch Screen with zirconium sensor
  • GSM modem for touch Screen

Standard Models

  • The OXYMAT® Nitromat units are available in 18 standard models with capacity in the range from 0,27 to 5.400 m3/hour.
  • Flow in Sm3/h, the performance is up to 99,9999 % purity.
  • X-versions 3 to 6 are supplied as frame-built solutions,  buffer vessels, filters, Advanced control, dewpoint, pressure, temperature, flow, purity and remote monitoring included.
  • Conversion rates for Nitrogen:  Sm3 = 1.15 kg, 1 Nm3 = 1.25 kg; 1 kg = 0.87 Sm3 & 0.80 Nm3
  • 1 Sm3 = 0.92 Nm2 (i.e. Standard cubic metre reference conditions at 15°C and 981 mbar)
  • 1 Nm3 = 1.09 Sm3 (i.e. Normal cubic metre reference conditions at 0°C and 1013 mbar)

The full product range we offer includes:

  • Nitrogen and Inert Gas Systems for the Marine Industry
  • Medical Oxygen Generators for hospital use
  • On-site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator Systems for Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Oxygen Generators for Ozone and Water Treatment
  • On-site Hydrogen and Nitrogen Generators for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical
  • On-site Nitrogen solutions for Electronics and Laser Cutting
  • Oxygen Solutions for Aquaculture and Fish Farming

For more information please email us on [email protected] or call us (+612) 9998 6611.