No retention time, instant odour control at your fingertips FOGMASTER DM

Supplier: Anotec Environmental
11 December, 2019

Anotec Odour Control now supplies convenient portable control systems. 3 Min Set up and ready to run.

Clients can benefit from either purchasing outright or hiring these effective units for the duration of any projects. Built specifically for use with Anotec Odour Control's specialty odour control solution 0307, the portable odour system is flexible and robust and can be used in many types of applications like landfill, site remediation, waste management, fugitive emissions.  

Because of ease of transportation and installation, the portable odour systems and the 0307 solution is referred to as Odour Control in a Bucket. When you hire or buy our odour control package in a bucket, you get a unit packed in a reusable bucket, a 25 litre drum of Anotec 0307 and a 200L reservoir tank. All can be put together and ready to go in 3 minutes. No retention time, no waiting – instant odour control. NOW !